In this tutorial, we learn how to make an animated GIF from a video clip.
Reducing image size and number of frames will be most effective by far.
Next, open up MediaCoder onto your desktop and convert your video into an AVI file.Next, choose playback and then click and change the frame speed to pick the part you like.Have as much unchanged/non-moving background as you can (pixels must remain completely identical between frames, even slight temporal noise will still take space in the file).Copy link to clipboard.Edit: I've created lossy gif compressor: i/lossygif and added it as an option.Report, photo, d J Citron, animation flash, so Hot, share URL.
Now, change the preferences and click enter.
Embed, details, duration:.651 sec, dimensions: 498x295, created: :46:39, related GIFs.
Copy embed to clipboard.And finally, optimize the file with gifsicle gUI ).GIF can encode only difference between frames, so you can also try to reduce size of the area of the image that changes,.e.Share from GIF Keyboard,.After this, type your frame names into the box to change the frames into an image, then click.

After this, you will load your video clip, which will take up to 10 minutes.
First, open up your video clip on your computer.