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First of all, obviously, I think its not crazy to think that at least one reason why chastity is so hard these days is because society is so sex-drenched.
Are we stuck with a passé traditionalism on one hand, and total laissez-faire (as a smart libertarian, Conor knows that true laissez-faire abhors coercion) on the other?
Witt states that marriage was once her goal but that it was tantalizingly and terribly just out of her reach.
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I want to have a pleasurable experiencewhether its with Sally or Jenny or Dick or Harry doesnt really matter.Were still lost, but we have a map, albeit a sometimes blurry one.But that question, while important, obscures the bigger ends-vs-means question.I had made no conscious decision to be single, but love is rare and it is frequently unreciprocated, Witt wrote.Anywayto circle back to Conors beginninghow do we critique hookup culture or dating culture (or however you want to call it)?And the fact that a culture of arranged marriage and child brides also treats people as means and not ends doesnt really change that.(Its also very American; marriage is sacralizedthe possibility of adultery or divorce is implicitly rejectedeven as its emptied of meaning; the tension is between moralism and hedonism.).The only answer, it seems to me, is love, he writes, supplying a link to his interesting, Christianity-influenced notion of what pursuing love really entails.And this is also true of dating, right, insofar as when youre dating someone youre really mentally comparing them to your intellectual checklist of the Right Mate so you can have your picture perfect wedding with your house and your car and your kids.