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At this point, satirising incoming US president.What does Bob think he's gonna do with that pee pee of his?!Now who's with me?SNL and Mr Baldwin's "not funny" impression - once again took to Twitter to share his feelings.Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.This country will be literally showered with jobs.The biggest, strongest, steadiest stream you've ever seen.Then after a while, tadpoles ( seman ) will come out of the boy's peepee and go into the girl's peepee.Saturday Night Live 's answer?Because I am a major wiz at jobs he added.And then nine months later a baby will (or might) POP out of the girl's peepee.
Vladimir Putin with Trump's "pee pee tape"."NBC News is bad but, saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC."Hold onto your tits and bits, because we have.By, eptiger, january 02, 2004.Photo: NBC "Are you sure Russia was behind hacking?" he asks, clutching a blackmail-y video labelled "pee pee tape".

How do you stoke more laughs from a real-life circus that included allusions to 'golden showers' and had America's leader yelling "You are fake news!" at White House reporters?
The skit, SNL 's first of 2017, also mocked.