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After naming the source, you should see a configuration window popup.Open XSplit, and add a new "Webpage" source.CurseForge, register, sign In, overview, clearChat, x Table of Contents.Lock" (give a player "at" if you want them to be able to chat when the chat is locked).2 and up /clearchat reload "load" "clearchat.Config use Name x-kiss live reort porno in the config to show the name from the one who cleared the chat (this can be used in /clearchat clear, /c and /cc) how your config should look clear-message: ' 1 bClearChat 1 bChat has been cleared by d Name.'.Other plugins made by me, comments, posts"d: Reply.ClearChat, commands /clearchat clear (clears the public chat) /c (a fast way to clear the public chat) /cc (clears your own chat) /clock (locks the chat).2 and up /clearchat version (the version of the plugin) /clearchat reload (reload the config permissions /clearchat clear.Reload: ' 1 bClearChat 1 bConfig reloaded.' lock-msg: ' 1 bClearChat 1 3the chat is locked!' lock: ' 1 bClearChat 1 bName 3 has locked the chat!' unlock: ' 1 bClearChat 1 bName 3has unlocked the chat!'.Open OBS, and add a new "Browser" source.
Open the configuration for the added source.
Ignore" (when a player has this permission he wont see the /c or /clearchat clear message).2 and.Now you need to generate your hosted URL for the configuration.Supports PlaceholderAPI json formatting.VentureChat is a do-it-all chat plugin rated as the #1 Bukkit chat resource on Spigot.Much of what makes VentureChat so great is its versatility.MyLiveChat Live Chat Plugin for WordPress.